July 27, 2010

my boobs are so sunburnt they look like bruises.

i'm back from camping! what a wild weekend. we drove to guelph thursday evening, set up camp, got wasted and struggled to sleep in a wild storm. the rain was honestly so loud that it kept startling me awake. couple that with our mattress slowly losing air through the night and i was not a happy camper (haha, sorry) when i woke up damp, hungover and laying directly on uneven rocky ground. i went for a swim in the lake and started drinking at 11am so, well, i got over it fast.

friday night joel picked me up in downtown guelph so i could make it to the spitfist show we stupidly booked the same weekend i was out of town. i showed up tired and sunburnt but had a great time. we sold a shit-ton of cds, a feminist rag wants to interview us and people actually sang along to the one song we posted on our myspace. fucking incredible night.

saturday morning i grabbed a bus back to guelph and while i didn't make it in time to catch what i heard was an incredible set by our friends in the wooden sky, it was another fun (read: drunken) day at a festival that, honestly, i couldn't explain if i tried. i took a ton of photos on my new half frame camera and should have the film developed later this week. in the mean time, the two lone photos i took with my dslr are below. for now, i'm off to wash the campfire smell from my clothes and try to acclimatize myself back into city life... at least that fucking heat wave is over.

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