July 12, 2010

used to be one of the righteous ones...

we shucked oysters in the park! we SHUCKED our OWN OYSTERS in the PARK! we've been talking about this forever and finally pulled our shit together last weekend. i packed the shucking knife with our beers in the afternoon and as the day cooled down phil popped over to oyster boy and brought us back a dozen and a half. the restaurant sells them off cheaper when they're unshucked so it only cost us (read: phil) $22! it was truly a luxurious day full of dufflet cakes, chippy's fries and oyster boy oysters. i also used the camera on my phone for the first time. i usually have at least two cameras in my purse so, well, why use a lo-res cellphone? well, i just downloaded a new app called fxcamera and, humph, it's pretty cool. there are holga, polaroid and pinhole "cameras" with adjustable settings and they all look pretty cool. i'm sure it's similar to the hipstermatic thing for the iphone, except, y'know... better because it's on android. HAHAHA. i love saying shit like that. mac nerds are so testy!

back to the point however, i love living in this neighbourhood! the food! the park! the bars! the taut young hipsters! erhm, i mean... whatever. i'm happy to still be enamoured with my city almost a decade (and two really loud world cups) later.

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Johnny said...

i was there for the world cup last yr, it was great, all the spanish and portuguese fans everywhere, that city is so special and unique, i love how multicultural it is!