July 06, 2010

puffy hair and sweaty backs

it is so hot. so, so hot. most of the city lost power yesterday and for an hour i feared we were facing another long term blackout. we spent most of the long weekend drinking in the park so, of course, my camera and ipod battery were completely dead. the restaurant across the street started selling off their melted gelato so i hung out my window and watched all the queen st. regulars gather. it was pretty calm and quiet (a welcome change after the earthquake, riots, protests, parades and unrelenting rain of last week). the electricity popped back on just in time to catch the double xander episode of buffy on tv. i hurried to plug in my gadgets in case the power was short term. when phil got home we cooked up some taco salads and tried to not sweat all over each other. overall, it was a good day.

i haven't got many food pictures for y'all because, well, it's too fucking hot to cook. seriously. however, all my time off has forced me to finalize some things in the apartment. here is a glimpse of our kitchen, bedroom and letterpress display (hilariously enough, last christmas i bought the letters and composing stick for phil and he bought me the drawer... great minds, man!)


Chad said...

I need one of those press block holder things.

Anonymous said...

nice interiors!