June 29, 2010

my pants don't cut off my circulation anymore!

it's official! i've lost ten pounds since phil and i moved in together. okay, okay, it's been months so the number may not be impressive but i fucking love to eat (duh) so losing weight is pretty hard for me. phil, however, used to be a sport-o in high school and is the master of geting fit - fast. we've been rocking huge salads and lettuce wraps and from-scratch soups and simple, light vegetable dishes. i gotta say, i feel real good about myself after demolishing a bowl of colourful, clean and crisp veggies... that are only occasionally covered in cheese.


Kristal said...

I'm so jealous of your love for food. I'm vegetarian, and hate almost everything, so it's so hard for me to eat healthy. I should start making my own soups and experimenting with salads. Everyhthing you have posted looks so delicious!

Lindsey said...

Losing weight is one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment. Sadly summer has packed on a couple extra beer pounds for me. It's a love/hate relationship.