June 03, 2010

thank you for being a friend

unemployment is nice. i enjoy grocery shopping and going to the laundromat on weekdays. nobody is around: i can grab a coffee without putting makeup on. i've slept in, watched hours of the golden girls on cable (ps. blanche died today. she was only 76. real bummer, dude.), ate alphagetti, re-organized the living room, smoked a ton of weed and had dinner ready for phil when he gets home from work. what a happy fuckin homemaker i am!

in other news, spitfist is recording this weekend. a couple dudes from my old work are bringing over gear and beers and we're gonna try to bang out four songs. i hope the weather holds so we can hang out in the kiddie pool in dee's backyard between takes! i'm a little nervous because my previous recording experience was mostly guttural screaming between shots of scotch and cigarettes; this time i'm almost singing. there's like, harmonies and shit! i dunno. i'm sure it'll sound great on cassette. yeah, seriously... that's how we're releasing it. maybe you could snag a copy at our show on june 19th?

*update: this show has been cancelled. we will be playing a make-up show sometime in july. you'll be posted. sorry!

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