June 08, 2010

girls say the darndest things

recording went great! there were some snafus, clusterfucks and when it all fell to shit, (the drummer dee and i originally started jamming with two years ago) philmill stepped up and recorded us in his band's space. we played through the songs once and nailed them all first take. gangs vocals were especially hilarious. at one point philmill's guitarist walked in to five half drunk girls singing, "yum, yum, yum-yum-yum: chew my food for me!"

after recording we went back to dee and alicia's place and ordered tacos from el asador on bloor. it was my first time trying this place (which was adorable, by the way) so i ordered one of every thing. pupusa virginity: lost! we ate till we couldn't move and drank into the night. the girl's have got a picnic table in their backyard and it felt like camping to crush beers, smoke butts and gab about... uh, farting probably. tacos, taquitos, toots!

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