June 28, 2010

o! canada stands on guard.

i don't know what to write today. the past weekend was devastating and glorious at the same time. it's a really hard thing to revel in having the streets to myself (and my bicycle) because everyone has fled town to avoid protesters and police that are being bussed in from surrounding cities. riot squads attacked peaceful protesters in front of my old work while i happily (and safely) cruised through bike lanes not blocked by tourists and had a great night out with friends. i'm torn. here's a video that's been making the rounds.

the large yellow sign in the background that says "steve's" is my former work. originally, our owners wanted to remain open for the entire weekend. clearly, they had no idea how far these (out of town) protesters were going to push the police and how much harder they were going to push back. the summits are over now and pride celebrations are moving in this weekend. it's been an interesting time for toronto and i'm excited to see smiles on parade instead of police cruisers on fire, smashed storefronts and over-zealous cops posing in their riot gear like it's a fucking fashion shoot.


photo by phil babcock.

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