June 01, 2010

take this job and leave it empty

i quit my job. i gave my resignation and was offered severance an hour later. i left without saying any goodbyes; i didn't have to hug a single person. it was perfect. i've worked at this music store since 2007, in varying positions and had grown tired of it. same shit, day after day. i had been calling in sick pretty frequently and (according to the hi-lighted print-out) i'd been late 29 of 37 days. sure, i felt bad but i didn't care. the weight has been lifted, or maybe it was the fog? either way, i'm happy. s'long retail. i'm not sure what i'll do without you... but i'm eager to find out.


Tobey said...

I am scared for you and excited all at the sametime. Time to soar now hun and find a job worthy of you. good luck always behind 150% love you Mom

stacy said...

right on.