August 04, 2010

blame it on my wild heart

i'm feeling pretty depressed, guys. i've been sending out resumes for the last two months and nothing. well, actually, i got one phone call. one interview. i nailed it. we got along. it was a gig working with food and i fucking jinxed myself. that sounds ridiculous but i do this to myself all the time. get excited, tell everyone, assure myself it's happening and then... just... nothing. disappointment, i guess.

i dunno. what's a girl to do when she can't even get an interview at a fucking video store?! phil tells me that my resume reads like i'm over qualified. i was a manager (retail and tour); i'll get bored with remedial minimum wage bullshit. so, the question is this: how do i write my resume to show that i'm a pothead (but not on the clock) who doesn't want to take her work home and would prefer a tedious, teenage job so she can pursue her loves (photography, food) outside of working hours?

i'm broke! i will seriously take ANY job right now. my back tire is flat, my makeup is running low and, honestly, there's a new issue of bust that i would really like to read. i thought taking this huge step would allow my path to become clearer but it's still murky as all fuck and, while momentarily exhilarating, not even a giant pile of free records on the street can cheer me up today.


Tobey said...

When the students go back to school hun there will be more jobs, i know its discouraging, but the job you want will come, just keep trying don't get discouraged.

It could be worse, you could be 52 living in Sudbury where they only want to hire you if you can speak french, instead they want to hire morons with no personalities who can't even do math, but thats my dilema.

Your young smart, gorgeous, funny, talented and very resourceful. You will find something hun, i know you will.

have someone call your references pretending they are an employer and make sure nothing on your resume is hurting you.
love you lots
don't be depressed hun
xo Mom

Kristal said...

I do promotional work to supplement my income when acting is garbage (which is all of this year)
It's unfortunately not steady work, but it pays well when there is something. If you don't mind pretending you give a shit about various products, and telling people it's awesome, then you'll do just fine. Let me know if you want me to send you any names of promo places.