August 29, 2010

it's what i want

so, i got a job. i'm making t-shirts. it's long hours spent standing up with short breaks and genuinely hard work. it's nice to actually produce something. we printed 5000 shirts my first day; i felt a great sense of accomplishment looking around at stacks of fabric my hands had touched, piled almost to the ceiling... i think i'll freak out if i ever see someone wearing one.

i can't wait to have money again. i'm gonna buy clothes and books and go out for dinner and maybe get a haircut and illegally download new music to listen to on the commute because, well, some things just don't change.


Gabe said...

that looks like a yummy breakfast. is that pesto or green salsa? either way it looks like my kind of breakfast plate.


it's salsa verde, we make it in big batches and freeze it for burritos and whatnot.