August 13, 2010

happy birthday, kim. sorry i didn't get you any presents; see previous post.

the kimbot and i went to the island on monday for her birthday. we rode our bikes from edge to edge. when we were drinking some beers and eating some cheesey bread, a wasted dude that looked like jason mewes and his naked grandfather kept offering us booze, smokes and hugs. eventually grandpa fell down some rocks (he was fine) and we took off towards centre island. most of the rides were closed so we smoked a joint in the petting zoo and narrowly avoided being boxed in by massive, pigeon footed ducks. it was weird.

later, phil made us a delicious chicken dinner and we introduced kim to wipeout. those big balls, man... fat people getting catapulted is always funny!

in other news, i fainted last week. we were standing in front of the commie and i had the hiccups. bad. i held my breath with my head between my knees (like an idiot, duh). so when i stood back up, i collapsed. i didn't realize what had happened at first (i still had a fucking smoke in my hand) when suddenly everyone i knew was up in my grill asking, "you okay?" "oh my god!"... then i noticed i was on the sidewalk. afterward i was embarrassed, sure, but mostly just relieved those goddamn hiccups were gone. oh, and now i have a giant blood bruise thing on my arm. hmph. at least i didn't get a concussion.

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