April 28, 2009


in an effort to be less of a fat piece of shit, i'm trying to exercise and eat better. my roommate, kim, bought a leg magic a couple weeks ago and i've used it (not near as often as recommended) and while it has gotten easier to ride my bike uphill or climb stairs, the pounds aren't melting off like the infomercial convinced me they would.

in another lifestyle change, i've been trying to eat less junk. i remember a time when mcdonald's for breakfast, taco bell for lunch, popeye's for dinner and two bags of m&ms before bed seemed normal. i haven't eaten any of these things in four months and you know what? I LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. i knew that supersize me guy was full of shit.

oh, another thing, trying to improve yourself sucks. my body is going through sugar withdrawal and i'm furious all the time. i find myself snapping on customers at work and spitting on cars parked in bike lanes. apparently, this is normal during the weight loss process but i'm definitely getting tired of it. i wish i wasn't 26 and my body would still take whatever i threw at it.

i'm ranting because i'm tired, i'm tired because i'm starving and i'm starving because i want to eat EVERYTHING all the time. i tried to eat a responsible lunch today. i got a soup/salad/cornbread combo from fresh and didn't hate it! i found it remarkable considering everything else i've eaten there has tasted like moist cardboard rolled in vegan sawdust.

perhaps i have learned a lesson... don't order disgusting vegan versions of delicious meat dishes. i'll stick with what the hippies know - food that started out as dirt. that's good for me, right?

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