April 28, 2009

the vietnamese and the honky

phil and i went for dinner at anh dao tonight. we've been talking about it for awhile but never seem to walk north on that side of the street when we're hungry.

when we first walked in i was talking at street noise volume and the silent restaurant all stared at us. we sat in the front and starting looking through the menu. it was daunting. there are always too many things i want to try. we ended up getting shrimp paste on sugar cane with vermicelli, sprouts and cold roll wrappers. i'd never rolled my own cold rolls but i showed exemplary skills from all my taco bell experience in the 90s. we also got the assorted meat dish with shredded pork, barbecue pork chop and egg cake with rice. phil made fun of the way i eat for awhile and everything was fucking great. we ordered an avocado shake too but it tasted like something else. still great.

afterwards i picked up a couple tall cans and rode down to the school behind the horseshoe to see some people from work playing hockey. it was funny to see, almost made me feel like i was in oshawa again. conversely, i couldn't help being astounded that all of them had their own hockey sticks. i guess it is the national sport.

we smoked some bowls and i got to hang out with beau for awhile which ruled. some people peaced, some went to watch game seven of something and i came home to write in my blog...

i wish i had another beer.

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