April 27, 2009

i love my neighbourhood

today was a pretty slow day at work. mondays are usually boring but now that the weather is awesome people just wanna stay outside.

after work i came home, ditched the jean jacket and went into the market. i missed the bakery so i just got some vegetables. while i was picking out tomatoes a beer store truck was trying to squeeze around the corner and knocked over a recycling bin full of vegetable rejects. bright, delicious colours poured out onto the sidewalk. i wanted to take a picture but was surprised when the passenger hopped out and picked up all the spillage. sunshine makes humans want to be better people. it's nice to see.

swung through chinatown for some tofu, liquor store for a six pack (where i saw a group of over achieving hipsters wearing everything they thought they should be to compliment their ironic tattoos, over sized lens-less glasses and cosby sweaters) and home to start barbecuing.

i grilled up the leftover steak from the weekend that had been marinating in olive oil and garlic with mushrooms and roasted tomatoes. a stray cat watched me from atop an abandoned tire while i tried to take pictures of myself, drank half a bottle of red wine and hoped to avoid a grease fire. my life rules.

cat on tire

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