April 26, 2009

a weekend in pictures

i left work early on friday and came home. cleaned up the place a bit and had some folks over. it's mostly a blur but, i'm pretty sure we went to ronnies. mostly i remember a bunch of jocks driving by us in the market and asking where we'd parked. that was pretty weird.

on saturday, we went to avenue open kitchen and had some club sandwiches for breakfast and looked at graffiti in the alley adjacent. there were a whole bunch of empty skate shoe boxes that must've been from the sample sales last week.

we got on our bikes and rode along the lake towards roncesvalles. it was 25 degrees out and it felt great to wear shorts. i got brain freeze from a potent grape slushie and took some pictures of phil. it took less than half the time to get back downtown because the wind was at our backs... which was much better.

we met up with dave and sarah in kensington as a storm was about to break. we bought some meat for the barbecue and umbrellas for the rain. the wind was fucking crazy so they were destroyed pretty quickly. we got back to my house after a long line up at the lcbo and watched from dusk till dawn and smoked bowls until the rain stopped.

we ate and drank until roff and sheri showed up and then we headed to lindsay's birthday jam at sneaks. it was still sort of raining all night so everyone was damp but jolly. i ate someone's leftover chicken wings and nachos while talking to kathy. it's rare to see this chic but when she's around it all tits and jokes. me and phil stumbled home after last call and passed out.

sunday morning we got up and were going to head east for brunch but were worried about the rain. i've never had breakfast on bloor so we went to over easy across from the rom. it was mediocre but atleast the homefries didn't come out of a bag. phil had never been to the rom and didn't mind paying the $22 entry fee so we strolled through. i didn't have great expectations but it was pretty sick to see medieval chests with huge cupboards that led to tiny drawers, paintings of men with arrows through their necks, the book of the fucking dead and dinosaur bones all in one place. i was pissed that i didn't have my camera though my phone did an okay job. the history and evolution of furniture was definitely the exhibit i most wanted to smash through the glass and touch everything.

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