April 29, 2009

hump day

i went into the market after work today to buy some black tights. i had to try three stores before i found any but when i went to pay the clerk gave me "the market discount" and they only cost me four bucks! pretty awesome.

i was walking my bike down baldwin after and i heard someone running behind me. at first i thought it was her and i had forgot my wallet or something. i turned around and saw an older eastern european dude. he said something in a thick accent that i misheard as 'you are the most talented woman i have ever seen.' i was confused but he handed me his card and said, 'no! you have an elegant ass!' i walked home and read the card.

When Your Man does not Measure Up
certified honors graduate of dimitri the lover's sexual guru program

hilarious, no? afterward i made some tofu steak on a simple salad, drank six pabst and am about to head to sneaks for travis' party. why can he bring people out on a wednesday and i couldn't for two years? kids who like dance music are stupid. i'm gonna go to the bar and act all better than them.

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