May 04, 2009

so tonight that i might see

this was another eventful weekend. nice weather makes everything better.

friday night phil and i went to la pallette and ate a bunch of animals. foie gras, duck confit and horse. they always try to keep their food local and we were told the horse meat was from ontario. it was damn delicious. i drank one of those strong beers i always make the mistake of ordering and most of the night is a blur but after a beer at ronnie's (and a hilarious conversation with a stranger) we ended up at 751.

saturday we had dim sum for breakfast and ordered tripe. not great. sometimes bold choices are rewarded and sometimes you should just stick with shu mei. afterwards, we picked up groceries, rummaged through a church sale, a little kid gave me a quarter to buy a john cougar record and when it started raining we went over to karen's. she has a great apartment on the otherside of the market that gets a lot of sun in the afternoon so it's always nice for finger foods and daytime drinking. there's pictures below of everything we ate. it was a lot.

later, we went to the horseshoe for the great bloomers cd release. it was packed and everyone was pretty stoked about the situation. saw some old friends and some newish ones. i remember being sweaty and taking a shitload of pictures.

sunday was breakfast at morning glory in the east end. i had a breakfast butty on some of the springiest ciabatta i have ever touched. it was like butter melting when i bit into it. amazing! we rode our bikes down to the distillery district to see some contact exhibits. there were a lot of great photographs and a ton of weird kitchsy stuff that i got to touch. i bought a truffle that was made with aged balsamic (it ruled, the vinegar sweetens as it ages) and took pictures of clouds. when i got home i could feel the sun i had gotten on my face and it made me pretty happy. there is nothing better than warm summer skin.

today at work i sold a pair of speakers to the canadian guy from the new star trek movie and had an amazing hamburger at lunch. craft burger on king has really got their shit together. that meal made me moan. i ate a light stirfry for dinner to compensate and hung some laundry on the line. that's just as good as a workout. totally.

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