May 17, 2009

pt. 3

saturday night was arron's (aka serpico, satant, wiseguy) birthday party. we made some steaks and salad for everyone at phil's house before heading over. the food was amazing and the sweet smell from the rice cooker lingered most of the night.

arron's girlfriend works for a booze company so there were little bottles of booze all over the place. the apartment was pretty beautiful and her dog ruled. he was all muscles and energy. he kept trying to lick between my toes which i didn't really mind. when the free booze led to things getting out of control, phil and i peaced. we got back to his place, ate the leftover steak, drank the run-off and seconds after laying down in bed i got back up, puked for awhile and woke up starving this morning.

not too shabby.

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