May 21, 2009

counting down the days

a couple things happened this week i meant to write about but i've been too busy planning and preparing for my trip to new york! i've never had a real vacation and i've always wanted to party with people that never sleep. that's right, right?

here's a quick synopsis.

we ate a lot of ribs and then lit fireworks. got blacked out at sneaks and slipped in someone else's puke. karen danced for awhile outside her house and we all laughed till we cried.

i watched a shitload of movies on tv. notable ones: bird on a wire, michael jackson doc, batman begins and a really weird live action flintstones prequel. betty was played by jenna from 30 rock and wilma was the tall chic from 3rd rock. pretty weird, huh?

the weather has been amazing all week so i rode out to trinity bellwoods after work one night to lay in the sun. i took a picture of a pretty girl doing the same thing as me, saw a couple eating a baguette, cheese and olives on the grass (probably my favourite thing ever) and watched dogs try to fuck eachother.

i barbecued some amazing tandoori chicken drumsticks (two nights in a row) and spied on my neighbours. for some reason i'm always terrified to light the bbq. i even freak out turning it off. i think i'm afraid it's gonna blow up in my face like the time my mom got thrown into the pool after a gas surge knocked her off her feet. she didn't have eyebrows for weeks.

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