May 12, 2009

one day vacation

i called in sick to work today because i was exhausted and really just needed to get some stuff done. i feel like even on my days off i'm trying too hard to do exciting things with phil and friends that i don't leave myself time to get things accomplished. i haven't done laundry or dishes in forever and my room is a disaster.

i made a fried egg and asparagus sandwich for breakfast with some instant coffee, burnt my finger pretty bad on a frying pan, smoked a bowl to ease the pain and ventured out on my bike. i bought the parts i needed to fix the toilet that's been broken since our last party, checked the post office to see if my phone had arrived unbeknownst to me and dropped off a down payment for an apartment in nyc. the guy i paid the security deposit to lived in an area i'd never been to before so i took some pictures of quiet streets and sped down one ways on my bike.

i got home (where kim had two junior bacon cheeseburgers waiting) ate a ton of food and got really high. sometimes a one day vacation is quite necessary.

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