May 16, 2009

pt. 2

friday night phil and i ate at chieng mai. we were the only customers in the restaurant and the food (while blazingly spicy) was so fucking delicious that i didn't mind chugging gallons of water during the whole meal. we had glass noodle salad, thai mushroom soup and green curry seafood. living in chinatown highly influences my diet. i eat a lot of seafood, rice, noodles and barbecued meat. it builds a great base for drinking and i know i'll usually have a fantastic shit the next morning. definitely a win-win.

after a couple beers at my house we rode over to sleeping giant gallery. the last show we went to there was a complete joke but this time there were a couple great artists. my favourite was hugo arias. the pictures below don't even do the works justice. truly amazing stuff.

we ended the night at jackson's. the door was locked when we showed up so we went around to the alley in the back. we called everyone a couple times and then i hucked a rock at the window. i got their attention on the first try. i felt like i was in a movie. i'd never done that before. jackson ordered a secret pizza at one point and we all ate the shit out of it. i burnt my mouth on scalding hot cheese but nothing could ruin the feeling of greasy 'za sliding down my throat.

it was a little treacherous riding my bike home because my goddamn brake line snapped on wednesday but i'm used to stopping with my feet so atleast i didn't bail. i have to remember to replace that this week... fuck.

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